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Victor Murillo

Board of Directors (Founder)

At 7 years of age, Victor Murillo was introduced to the game of baseball at Solano Elementary, located in Los Angeles, California, during an after school program. It did not take long for Victor to join a parks and recreation league and learn how to play organized sports. Through this experience and the love for competitive sports, Victor proceeded to participate in other activites such as football, basketball, dodgeball, kickball and hockey. During school hours at Solano Elementary, students would occasionaly be taken outside for about an hour to kick around a large red rubber ball or run around and play freeze tag. It was the lack of sports play during recess and lunch that made Victor race home after school to complete his homework and return to the after school program to play flag football. Victor was consistently organizing some of the games which included being a team captain, choosing teams, and assisting those less skillfull to reach their full potential. After years of participation and practice, Victor knew that he was ready for the activities in Jr. high and high school. Victor quickly learned if he wanted to join any school team sports, he would have to earn a “C” average or beter if he wanted to play. It was this “policy” that led Victor to aim high to be able to participate. He was able to join both baseball and basketball teams for Lincoln High school located in Los Angeles, California. As a member of the baseball and basketball team, Victor became part of a social circle that only pushed him to become more competitive and extroverted. During high school Victor lived a healthy lifestyle of being active, never falling into the pressures of drugs and alcohol and staying motiviated to continue to improve.

After high school Victor was hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District as an after school program director. He worked at various after schol programs at elementary schools as a coach and mentor for young students for 4 years. Victor coached multiple football and basketbal teams at various tournaments throughout the City of Los Angeles and was given awards for their involvment.

The tragedies that occurred on 9/11 led Victor on a path to join the United States Marine Corp to serve his country. After the years of service and working as a private investigator assisting law enforcement throughout the country for the past 7 years, Victor realized he wanted to continue his service and return to hs true passion by mentoring children through sports.

In 2007, Victor got married and had 2 young boys. Victor’s oldest son turned 4 years old in 2012 and immediately signed up to play little league baseball. Shortly after, Victor takes initiative and volunteers to become the t-ball coach and a board member for North East Little League Los Angeles. Later that year, he also signs up to become his son’s basketball coach at a local park and recreation center.

In addition to becoming a board member and volunteer, coach Victor has also been a part of “Big Brother Big Sister” program as a Big Brother. Victor has been a vital part of Solano Elementary fundraising as a member of the PTA. He promotes healthy living through exercise by promoting “City of Angels” boxing gym in Los Angeles. He has actually brought the school and the gym to collaborate to raise money for leadership programs for the students.

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