Q. Is your program free for elementary schools?
A. Yes. Our organization does not charge fees. However, we do accept any donations to help fund the program.

Q. Is your staff first aid and CPR certified?
A. Yes. We believe in safety first. Which is why all our coaches received proper first aid and CPR training.

Q. Do you only visit elementary schools?team-aim-48
A. Yes. We get our young students from elementary schools ready academically for middle school and high schools so why not prepare them physically too. Since middle schools and highs schools have physical education along with team sports, we want to give that same type of structure to our younger students to help prepare them.

Q. Does my donation qualify as a tax deduction?
A. Yes. AIM is recognized as a 501c3 non profit organization.

Q. How do I make a donation to AIM?
A. It’s easy to make a donation online! Simply click here to go to the donation form.

Q.Where does AIM get its funding from?
A. AIM is a non-profit organization supported by funds from generous donors including individuals, federal, state and local government, foundations and corporations.

Q.How is my donation used? (Where does my money go?)team-aim-50
A.Your donation will allow AIM to provide our services free to all elementary schools. Services that include all proper sporting equipment, coaches and league fees for those students awarded monthly scholarships from AIM.

Q. How is your program different from other kids sports programs?
A. Our program gives those elementary students a chance to participate in team sports. We know many students may not have an opportunity to participate in an after school program. Which is why our program is run during school hours. Due to the economic struggles in today’s society, we know that some families may not be able to afford the additional expense of league fees and proper sporting equipment which is why we sponsor children and cover all fees to help them succeed.