Team AIM Hall of Fame

In April 2019, Team AIM had the honor of meeting Joshua for the very first time. Josh, who was 7 at the time, immediately showed off his contagious sense of humor and playful personality. He had just become a big brother to his beautiful little sister, and would go around as a proud big brother introducing her. During our visit with Josh, he taught us multiple handshakes he had been working on, he challenged (and beat) us to thumb wrestling matches, and played outside with his stuffed bunny toy.

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Josh a few more times and we got to know him and his family on a more personal level, something that we will cherish forever. A big soccer fan, we even got the chance to bring him out to an LAFC match later that year.

Unfortunately, Josh was diagnosed with brain cancer at a very early age, and after a long battle, we lost Josh on December 1, 2019. While we had only known Josh for a few months, he made us feel like we had known him his whole life. His thirst for fun and his endless love for others define what Team AIM Hall of Fame is all about. On behalf of his family and friends, we are honored to have Josh be our inaugural Team AIM Hall of Fame member and dedicate this page to him and his legacy.